Our chemicals and gas desks are widely known and recognized serving a wide range of Charterers, ranging from oil majors and producers to high profiled traders, and all the main Owners on both markets.
7 brokers and operators currently make up the desks, all with extensive experience, through a sophisticated network in most of the major shipping places. In addition to spot broking, we administer numerous contracts of affreightment for our customers, as well as marketing knowledge, providing assistance in projects and researches.
Furthermore, we are also putting at our customers’ disposal our experience in a comprehensive review on their all operational matters including specific chartering terms and conditions.
It is our policy to provide quality services in response to our Clients needs and expectations. Our mission is to contribute in protecting our clients’ assets by assisting them with high quality services and practical solutions, improving the safety of their operations and enhancing the quality and profitability of their activity.